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Muestra de Cine Internacional de Palencia

Palencia International Film Festival

32 edición, del 24 de febrero al 4 de marzo de 2023
24/02/2023 to 04/03/2023

Inescapable appointment every February with the national and international short film contest.

Independent cinema, short films, documentary tapes, live music and a large number of activities around the seventh art are the hallmarks of the Palencia International Film Festival. This event, which began in 1992, constitutes a platform for the projection of the new values ​​of the Spanish cinema reserve thanks to its National Short Film Competition. The festival is committed to showing the public new filmographies that do not manage to carve out a niche in the commercial halls, encourage reflection on current issues and foster a critical encounter between the viewer and the filmmakers. The contest, which is usually held at the end of February and which is also distinguished by its commitment and its social outlook, also has the quality seal granted by the Spanish Short Film Industry Association (AIC).

Information of interest

Asociación de Amigos del Cine. Calle padilla s/n -Edif. CEIP Buenos Aires-, 34003 Palencia